The Art of Closing Sales – Patience and Discipline

The Art of Closing Sales – Patience and Discipline

Believe it or not, but closing sales is an art. ‘Closing a sale’ is a term that brings a smile to the face of many. The term can be defined as an action of finalizing a deal for making some kind of purchase. Some of the prospects close the sale themselves while some want a salesperson to close it. One can assume a sale to be closed only if the prospect puts their signature on the paper.

Before closing, you must hold the right to ask for the sale and you gross that right by delivering on your promises and by following up on customers questions. There’s a lot more to it.

I have seen many professionals in a hurry to close the sale as a reason for which many of the sales reps make such mistakes that can never be repaired. In a hurry, professionals end up their presentation leaving an important piece of information behind, which is definitely not a good sign. How will prospects know your work and your product until you explain them thoroughly?

This kind of behavior shows the lack of patience and discipline. Also because presentation doesn’t present only the person delivering it but the whole organization and its work, so it has a direct impact on the company’s reputation and nobody will ever want his/her company’s reputation at the stake. So the two most important factor for a sale is patience and discipline. These are the qualities a sales professional must inherit in oneself.

Here are some sales closing strategies that will surely help you close sales perfectly and successfully.

  1. Overrule your anxiety

Even if you are anxious, don’t show it. Because there are some prospects who will push you more into it if they sense something like this. So it’s better you keep calm and focus on sale. Stick to the script provided to you, do whatever you’re asked to by your company and then when the time arrives, ask them for sale and close it. Do not let your anxiety rule you.

  1. Be patient, don’t take decisions in a hurry

Who is unaware of the fact that the decisions taken in a hurry often lead to destruction. Better be patient, think intelligently and then take decisions. Especially when it comes to business, one is supposed to think a lot before taking any step. Each and every step needs to be scanned carefully and should be implemented accordingly. I know how much it is necessary to close a sale but before closing it make sure you have followed all the steps of the sales process, make sure your prospect has agreed to do business with you. Otherwise, it will end the deal.

  1. Let the prospects speak their challenges

There are clear chances of finding some really tough customers who are difficult to understand. They have millions of thoughts puzzled in their brain. Instead of listening to you, they will keep speaking about themselves, problems they are facing in their business, etc etc. and the only option you’re left with is to listen to them. So here’s the chance when you can touch their emotional string. Listen to them with all your concentration and then provide them the best ever solutions you can. But again don’t go beyond what your company doesn’t allow.

  1. Understand the prospects  prior goal

Now, this is the step where you can create an urgency for your prospect to finalize the deal with you. This is only possible when you know their top goals. Ask them what are their highest priorities they want to accomplish in the shortest time. Try asking their top priorities and their aim within few months, a year and so and deliver them the best solutions they can ever find. If they find your solutions worthy, they will immediately finalize the deal.

  1. Get real commitments

Don’t hesitate to ask your prospect if he is committed to doing something about the proposal at the moment. This will help you learn how much serious the prospect is about the challenges and goals they have spoken to you.

This will help you estimate if the customer is ready to commit what you have to offer. You can monitor their interest by tracking your website visitors for the level and frequency of activity they have shown.


Closing sale can never be tough if you have planned the game of selling very well with meticulous precision. Above has described the key steps which will not only help you in closing sales but will also help you deal with difficult customers and will help you work efficiently.

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