Rustic Pathways CEO Chris Stakich’s Secrets of Success

by admin | February 23, 2018 1:11 pm

Rustic Pathways CEO[1] Chris Stakich graduated from Harvard University in 2001. Chris Stakich spent the last seventeen years of his professional life working in the fields of education, travel, and community service. He believes that travel should be an essential part of every education, and that travel can be a model of sustainable development.

After serving in almost every professional capacity within Rustic Pathways, a leader in global student travel and community service programs, Chris now leads the company with an eye for excellence and innovation as Rustic Pathways CEO[2] and Chairman of the Board.

In addition to his roles at Rustic Pathways, Chris is also the Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board for Thinking Beyond Borders and sits on the boards of University School (Ohio) and Compass Academies. Chris Stakich[3] lives in San Francisco with his wife and children and is committed to developing future leaders who embody compassion and global understanding.

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What exactly does your organization do?

Rustic Pathways has been the leader in global student travel and community service programs since 1983. We offer culturally immersive travel experiences for students ages 12 to 18, customizable teacher-led trips for school groups, and gap year programs for recent high school grads.

What really stands out about our travel programs is that they are intentionally designed to provide learning experiences that help students develop the skills, habits, and mindsets they need to succeed academically, personally, and professionally. We’re measuring how much students grow in non-cognitive like cultural competence, self-awareness, humility, and the desire to positively impact the lives of others as a result of participating in our programs, and we’re the only company doing this.

We also raise hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for the communities and countries where we operate through our nonprofit foundation. Our vision is to raise the bar for the entire travel industry, prove how much can be achieved when people work together, and get the biggest travel companies to commit to creating a greater positive impact abroad.

What are the five things you wished you knew before you became Rustic Pathways CEO[4]?  

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