5 Quick Ways to Better Your Social Crowdfunding Appeal

5 Quick Ways to Better Your Social Crowdfunding Appeal

Today, nonprofits earn a major part of their income through social crowdfunding platforms. More than one-time lump-sum donations, NGOs prefer donors who make recurring contributions over a larger period of time as this ensures a steady flow of funds so that projects can run smoothly.

But now that nearly every small and big nonprofit out there is turning to crowdfunding India websites like Impact Guru, there’s a lot of competition. India has over 15 lakh NGOs vying for attention, and they’re all running equally important projects for the betterment of society. How can you compete for attention with such a large number of organizations?

This is why it’s important to work on the one thing that will grab attention on social media and elsewhere: your appeal. The stronger and more unique your appeal, the more potential donors you reach out to!

Here are 5 unbelievably easy ways to better your appeal and stand out in the sea of crowdfunding campaigns:

Work on your voice: Picture your organization as a person. What traits does this person possess? Is she friendly or authoritative? Formal or casual? This exercise will help you easily tailor the way you make your appeal, social media posts, blog; every bit of content your nonprofit creates so they’re all uniform and thus strong. No matter who is speaking on behalf of the nonprofit, the voice should be consistent.

Start off strong: The first impression you have on your readers will make or break the deal. The impression you make will depend on the way you craft your social media posts and the title of your crowdfunding India campaign. Find different unique ways to write descriptions and headlines on Facebook posts. Experiment with your title; instead of plainly asking for help, mention a key point or a unique fact about your cause to attract attention.

The introduction: Start your appeal with some context. Assume the reader is unaware of why a solution is needed for the problems you care about. Show them the big picture as well as the smaller picture. You can do this by throwing in some statistics, preferably particular to the region you’re tackling about (the bigger picture) and showing them the effects of the problem by talking about a single person that has been through it (the smaller picture).

Imagery: There’s no question about nonprofits needing to add images and possibly videos to their crowdfunding appeal. But the kind of images and videos one uses can make all the difference. Think of yourself as a donor. No matter what cause is closer to your heart, at the end of the day, you’re just looking to make a difference in some way and you will donate to the appeal that showed its cause better. For example, instead of uploading pictures of a volunteer with underprivileged children they have worked with, shoot a video of them on the field, interacting with these children or giving a testimonial of their experience.

The CTA: Last, but not least, comes the call to action where you will instruct the reader how they can help you (ie, by making a donation). Reiterate the problem in brief by recalling an affected individual and by telling them how a donation of Rs xxx to your crowdfunding India campaign can change this said person’s life. Remember to actually ask your donors to donate and spread the word – else, they won’t know how they’re supposed to help.

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